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Undredal plays a key World Heritage role, both in relation to its location on the map and as a good example of distinctive culture and nature. In this hamlet, there are more goats than there are inhabitants. Therefore, these animals help to create the special character of the village. Among other things, the village is famous for its locally produced goat’s cheese.



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Sunset in the fjord.

Right in the middle of the World Heritage Site, this narrow valley splits the mountain massif located between Nærøyfjorden and Aurlandsfjorden. The village of Undredal, with its characteristic buildings, old farms and only 80 inhabitants, is nestled on the shoreline of the fjord. The mountain farms of Stigen, Nedbergo and Horten all belong to the parish of Undredal. The little stave church in Undredal is from the 1100s, and is the smallest stave church in Scandinavia still in use.

The E16 road passes through the upper part of the valley next to the summer farming area of Langhuso. From here, the old road winds alongside the river all the way down the dramatic valley. The grass-covered road is perfect for those who want to enjoy a nice walk in the beautiful countryside. From the summer farms, a waymarked trail climbs all the way up to the high mountains and through Jonadalen valley.

For thousands of years, people have utilized the landscape in a careful and clever way. Old irrigation channels and stone walls are evidence of hundreds of years of agriculture. The mountains store heat from the sun and provide Undredal with a mild and friendly climate, so mild in fact, that tobacco was cultivated here around the 1900s. Later, fruit cultivation became more common.

The goat farmers are still able to cultivate their livelihoods in the valley. The rich soil in the fields and meadows along the river and the fjord provide good winter fodder. From spring to fall, the goats are able to find plenty of food on the hillsides of the valley and in the mountains.

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