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You can reach the area from almost every direction, and accommodation is available that suits everyone’s taste!



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Trains from Bergen or Oslo

Several daily departures can take you from Oslo or Bergen to Myrdal Station. From Myrdal Station, visitors can take the famous Flåm Railway down to Flåm. It is advisable to book a ticket well in advance during the peak season. The Flåm Railway often corresponds with trains on The Bergen Line, but not always. To avoid many hours of waiting at Myrdal, it is advisable to check this in advance.




Buses from many parts of the country

There are daily bus departures from Oslo, Bergen/Voss and Sogndal that stop in Aurland, Flåm and Gudvangen. This is a good alternative to trains. By taking local buses and boats, visitors can reach the other approaches.


Nor-Way bussekspress



Express boat from Bergen

During the summer, it is possible to take the express boat from Bergen to Vik, Aurland and Flåm. It takes about twice as long as taking the bus, but then you also get to experience large parts of Sognefjorden, the world’s longest fjord.


Persons in a hammock.

By car

The E16 road runs through the area, mainly in long tunnels through the high mountain massif. If you are driving from Bergen, simply follow the E16. When you get to Vinje, you can make a choice. You can either drive over Vikafjellet and along Sognefjorden to Fresvik, or you can continue on the E16 towards Stalheim and Gudvangen. From Oslo, it is quicker to take highway Rv. 52 over Hemsedalsfjellet. During the summer, you can also take highway Rv. 50, the Hol-Aurland mountain pass. If you drive via Lærdal, you can choose between driving through the world’s longest tunnel (24.5 km), or enjoy the spectacular views and narrow hairpin bends on the Norwegian Scenic Route over Aurlandsfjellet. This is a place where you can also make a stop at the Stegastein vantage point. This road is only open from 1 June to 15 October.

Stegatein, viewpoint.


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