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Stalheim is a hamlet in Voss Herad, on the border with Aurland Municipality. The area is beautiful and has been a popular destination since tourism started in Norway.



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Stalheim, waterfall

We know from the Middle Ages that Stalheim had a coaching inn and several guest houses. The busy traffic along the postal road formed the basis for the coaching inn.

The postal service in Norway became organized in around 1650, and the Lærdal-Gudvangen-Stalheim-Voss route became part of the main road between Eastern and Western Norway.

The poet Per Sivle, who wrote ‘The First Song’, came from Stalheim. Sivle got much of his inspiration from this area where he grew up.

Stalheimsfossen waterfall is created by the gushing waters of Stalheimselvi river. The river pours over the cliffs next to Stalheim creating a vertical drop of 126 meters. Stalheim Hotel is located next to Stalheimskleivi river at the top of the cliffs and offers beautiful views down the valley.

The Sivle farm.
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Stalheim, Norge