The village of Fresvik is located on the southern side of Sognefjorden, close to the mouth of Aurlandsfjorden and belonging to Vik Municipality. The village primarily lives off traditional agriculture and tourism based on the beautiful natural surroundings. In addition, it is rich in cultural heritage.



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Fresvik is surrounded by high mountains, with Fresvikbreen glacier being the highest point at 1648 meters above sea level. The glacier was formed 4000 to 6000 years ago during a cold and wet period. This is the largest area covered in permanent snow and layers of ice within the Nærøyfjord area. Subsequent melting has caused fractures in the glacier. Visitors must be very careful when crossing it.

The mountainous area surrounding the glacier holds some of the oldest, largest and best preserved wild reindeer trapping sites in Norway (from 500 to 2000 years old). Guiding fences that led the animals towards precipices and countless hunting hides and pitfall traps are evidence of intense hunting activity in the past.

Hunting, fishing and outdoor activities are still important recreational pursuits. This is a varied and charming hiking area with waymarked trails that are suitable for all visitors. The pine forest at Fresvikåsen is one of the largest in Sogn and Fjordane.

Fertile farms are located in sheltered landscape facing the fjord, where today’s farmers look after their livestock and cultivate fruits and berries. Fresvik used to be called the ‘strawberry village in Sogn’. Deciduous ash and hazel trees grow on the hillsides. The name of the village also reflects the fertile land on which it is situated. The name Fresvik originates from Freyr, the Norse god of good harvests, fair weather, prosperity, happiness and peace.

Fresvik is a village rich in resources. Agriculture continues to dominate, but the cornerstone company Fresvik Produkt AS is an important workplace in the village, producing chill rooms and freezer rooms.

View over fjord and mountains.

Photo: Anbjørg Nornes

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