From being a fairly typical Western Norwegian village with both large and small farms, crofts and summer farms, the village has developed into what one might call a tourist magnet.



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The place we call Flåm today lies mainly on the reclaimed land close to the lush farm of Fretheim, right next to the old estuary. This is one of the oldest, permanent farms in Flåmsdalen valley. The farm is located on deposits that the glacier left behind on top of the bedrock after the last melt, and this forms the foundation for the good agricultural soil at the farm. The farmers here have access to many different resources, and in addition to agriculture and livestock, they have hunted, traded and fished.

Today, the community here in Flåm receives income from tourism that focuses on the magnificent natural surroundings. The way in which the geological forces have played out has resulted in many local jobs that rely on tourism, and means that more people can continue to live in this part of the country.

Due to the beautiful scenery you see, Flåm is one of the major tourist hubs in the country, offering hotels, a cruise boat quay and the terminal station of the world-famous Flåm Railway.

Sheeps grazing.

Photo: Gro Mørk

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