With its central location next to the fjord and easy access to resources in the mountains, Dyrdal is one of the older hamlets in this area, dating back to the birth of Christ or just before.



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Colorful houses, Dyrdal.

Hospitable and unique

Here, in the middle of Nærøyfjorden, lies the hamlet of Dyrdal, which in many ways represents the World Heritage found in the fjord landscape you are now standing in the middle of. In the valley that stretches from the fjord up to the high mountains, visitors can find a whole host of animal and plant species, but also many traces showing that humans have lived here for hundreds of years. One of the main activities that takes place in Dyrdal today revolves around safeguarding and maintaining cultural monuments and landscapes. This means that the important natural and cultural values are able to live on for a long time to come.

Dyrdal is rich in wildlife, and the red deer population is particularly strong. Red deer thrive on the steep hillsides along the fjord, where there are dense deciduous forests and they can maintain a good overview of the terrain. Smaller wild animals such as foxes, minks, stoats, hares and weasels are common sightings. The area is a natural habitat for birds of prey, and more than 90 species of birds have been recorded in the valley.

The hamlet is known for its distinctive clustered farmstead. The hamlet once had over one hundred inhabitants living there, however, it no longer has any farms in operation.

There are no roads leading to Dyrdal, but a quay was established in the 1920s so that larger scheduled boat traffic could dock there. Today, visitors can get to Dyrdal by taking the electric fjord cruise boat from Flåm, Aurland or Gudvangen.These boats make the trip several times a day. Remember that Dyrdal is a so-called ‘star stop’ on the route, which means that you have to call the boat and inform them to stop in Dyrdal.

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