The little hamlet called Bakka is home to Bakka and Tufto farms. On the way into Nærøyfjorden, these are the last farms the boat passes before it reaches the end of the fjord in Gudvangen.



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Persons viewing the fjord.

The hamlet of Bakka lies at the foot of the mighty Bakkanosi mountain, where the fjord is at its narrowest. Generally speaking, Nærøyfjorden is narrow, and this can be noticed at Bakka in particular, where the mountain stretches up to 13-1400 meters in height on both sides. Rockslides and landslides occur every year and often block the road into Gudvangen. Geologically speaking, the area called Breiskreda just north of Tufto Farm is considered to be the area in Nærøyfjorden that is most at risk regarding rockslides.

The hamlet of Bakka is one of the few inhabited areas in Nærøyfjorden. Throughout history, humans have left their mark on the landscape by utilizing the resources that nature provided through settlement, agriculture, hunting and gathering. This has resulted in the cultural landscape that characterizes Bakka today, and is an important part of the World Heritage. A prerequisite for preserving this heritage is that people continue to live at Bakka.

Finding ways to combine development with proper protection of the World Heritage is the biggest challenge today, and is crucial in maintaining settlement in the hamlet. The permanent residents currently make their living from small-scale agriculture in the form of livestock husbandry based on dairy goats, as well as small-scale tourism businesses such as renting out houses and cabins.

A visit to Bakka offers experiences of this well-preserved community that is in keeping with the surrounding cultural landscape. By taking the trip up the old Rimstigen road, visitors get the opportunity to imagine what mountain farming was like in the past, as well as enjoying great experiences of nature.

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