Aurlandsvangen is beautifully located in a magnificent fjord landscape surrounded by high mountains. Aurlandsfjorden stretches out in front of the village with the beautiful Aurlandsdalen valley as a backdrop.



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Nærøyfjorden Verdsarvpark
Helabrotet 2A , 5745 Aurland

Nærøyfjorden verneområdestyre,
Njøsavegen 2, 6863 Leikanger,



View over the fjord.
This is the administrative center of Aurland Municipality. Visitors will find an organic bakery/café, several places of accommodation and a supermarket. . In addition, you find the factory that produces the famous Aurland shoes. The Norwegian Scenic Route runs over the Aurlandsfjellet mountain to Lærdal, and Aurlandsvangen is a good starting point if you want to hike along Aurlandsdalen valley. Before the farms in the Aurland area were established, the area was most likely utilized in the same manner as the other villages in the area, in the form of hunting in the mountains. Around Blåskavlen, several trapping sites have been found that include hunting hides, pitfall traps and precipices. The name Aurlandsvangen covers a large area which is part of Vangen parish. This includes the farms along the fjord from Skjerdal to Otternes, as well as the farms all the way up to Vassbygdevatnet lake.
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Aurlandsvangen, Norge