Winter fun

Visitors can reach great skiing terrain in the Nærøyfjord area by starting from county road Fv. 5627 between Aurland and Lærdal, or from the E 16 in Haugsvik. There are also many great hillsides to ski down, but take precautions in terrain where there is a risk of avalanches. Remember that you are in the high mountains and the weather can change very quickly. Visitors should always have extra clothes and equipment with them in their rucksacks.



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Marked ski trail to Grindafletane

From Fyre in Haugsvik, the marked ski trail runs to Grindaflethytta cabin and continues on to Raundalen. If you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of wild reindeer on this trip.

The reindeer are particularly vulnerable during late winter when food is hard to find. Show consideration when meeting wild reindeer, and keep a good distance away from the animals. If they are constantly disturbed by people on skis they use up a lot of their energy running away. This means they have less time to graze. Constant disturbance may cause the reindeer to leave the area and miss out on important grazing land. If you hear information that reindeer are located in the area where you are thinking of taking a trip, you should choose another route.


Skiers and dog at mountain top.

Summit trip to Blåskavlen

During the spring, there are many opportunities to reach the top of Aurland Municipality’s highest peak on skis. Visitors can experience fantastic views from the top, not just of the World Heritage Site, but large parts of the mountainous area in Southern Norway.

Good hiking suggestions and practical information about the trip can be found at

Safety during winter

Gliding across white mountain plateaus or racing down a mountainside covered in fresh snow can be a fantastic experience, but it is important to remember that the mountains and winter weather can be unpredictable. Here are some tips to ensure you have a safe trip.

Person at skitrip.

Leave no trace


Clean up after yourself and do not leave any trash behind, including disposable barbecues and wet wipes.

If you can’t find a toilet, dig a hole that is at least 30 meters from paths, buildings or water sources. Toilet paper and wet wipes are garbage that must be thrown into a trash bin.

Show consideration for grazing animals and wild animals. Keep your dog on a leash and close gates behind you./p>


Follow established trails so that wild reindeer and other shy animals do not have to encounter people everywhere.


If you hear information that reindeer are located in the area, choose a different trip.


Stop and move away if you see wild reindeer. Observe them from a good distance.