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Hunting and fishing

There are many good fishing lakes in the mountains around Nærøyfjorden. For those who prefer to carry a gun over their shoulder, there are opportunities to hunt reindeer, red deer, moose and ptarmigan.



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If you bring your fishing rod with you on a trip, there are great opportunities to catch fish in many mountain lakes and in the rivers in many of the valleys. With the mountain road between Aurland and Lærdal as a starting point, there is great hiking terrain to the fishing lakes in Storebotnen. Whether starting from Fyre or from Mjølfjell, there are many nice fishing lakes on the trip to Grindaflet cabin. Aurland and Lærdal Mountain Authorities sell fishing licenses and provide valuable information about fishing lakes and fishing regulations.

Fishing licenses can be purchased from Aurland and Lærdal, Mountain Authorities, and on the iNatur website.

Children fishing.
Hunting, dog with ptarmigan.


Visitors may purchase hunting licenses for both moose and red deer in the World Heritage Site, and wild reindeer hunting is permitted in certain areas. Small game hunting in the mountains is a great activity from August to February.

Hunting licenses can be purchased from Aurland and Lærdal, Mountain Authorities, and on the iNatur website.

Leave no trace


Clean up after yourself and do not leave any trash behind, including disposable barbecues and wet wipes.

You are permitted to pitch your tent on uncultivated land as long as you are at least 150 meters away from the nearest house or cabin. Lowland meadows are often classed as cultivated or arable land. This means that you are only allowed to pitch your tent in these meadows with permission from the land owner. Use recommended campsites.
If you can’t find a toilet, dig a hole that is at least 30 meters from paths, buildings or water sources. Toilet paper and wet wipes are garbage that must be thrown into a trash bin.

Lighting campfires in forests and uncultivated land is prohibited from 15 April to 15 September, except along places such as watercourses where the risk of wildfires is minimal. Use established fire pits and avoid building campfires directly on bedrock in case the rock cracks. Extinguish the fire properly and clean up before you leave.